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I am at least 18 years old and have read and agree to the official rules of the Good Garden Food Drive and I agree to use the game with its supporting lesson plans for educational and service learning projects.

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Update your donations as your drive progresses and watch the total impact grow across America. Share the news and ask others to form a team and help fight hunger.

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How To Participate in The Good Garden Food Drive

1. Form a Team

A team can be a class, a grade, a school, an afterschool program, a club or even the kids in your neighborhood.

2. Register Your Team

Registration begins In September 2010 at Registering will allow you to share how much food your team has collected. You need a team leader who is an adult older than 18 years to register your team.

3. Read The Good Garden and Reflect on Its Key Lessons

After reading The Good Garden, ask your students for their ideas on why some people go hungry. Reasons might include: climate variations which affect local food production, living in a poor part of the world or a city where there is little money to buy food, living in an area destabilized by wars or droughts, or not owning land where food could be grown.

4. Explore the Issue

From September to December 2010 explore the issue of food security and the needs in your community and around the world with your team using activities from

5. Collect cans of food and donate to your local food pantry or bring vegetables to school to donate to a local soup kitchen.

Go to to locate your local food pantry in the US.
Go to to locate your local food pantry in Canada.

6. Report How Much You Have Donated

Tell us how much you have donated and see how the combined efforts of children across America are making a difference on The Good Garden Food Drive Wall of Fame.


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Good Garden Food Drive
Goal: 100,000 lbs

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A team can be a a class, a grade, a school, afterschool program, club or even the kids in your neighborhood
Report your impact
Report how many items you have collected to put your team on The Good Garden Impact Map!
How to participate
Learn more about the issue and find a food bank near you!
Buy The Book
Buy the book here and proceeds will provide educational programs to children in disadvantaged communities

Food security is one of the big issues of our time.

  • Only half the people in the world always have enough food.
  • And of that half, 17% face real food shortages that may result in malnutrition and even starvation.
  • Yet there is enough food on earth to feed all its inhabitants.

The Good Garden Food Drive is a program to get children across North America to understand the issues of food security in their community and around the world and help to make a difference by collecting and donating food to a local food bank. This is a year long drive so you can join in at any time!

Over 72,000 lbs donated so far.

Help your community and be part of the Good Garden national fight againt hunger!

View Food Drive Map in a larger map

Good Garden Top Ten Food Drive Teams

Food Items Team Name City State

62000 Menlo-Atherton High School Redwood City CA
7500 Coastal Middle School Savannah GA
1505 The Phillips Brooks School Menlo Park CA
650 Edward Everett Elementary Dorchester MA
600 1st grade North Hills Prep. Irving TX
198 Cove Cares Yukon OK
103 One Hen Cluckers Menlo Park CA
61 La Entrada Middle School Menlo Park CA
37 Fiske Elementary School Wellesley MA

*Food items converted to pounds based on average ratio of one pound to one item.
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