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One Hen, Inc., in partnership with The Hasbro Children's Fund and Kids Can Press, are happy to announce the upcoming release of the Chutes and Ladders ® The Good Garden Edition Game as part of the Good Garden Enrichment program.

About the Game:   Age: 6+

Key Themes: food security, poverty and sustainable farming

The CHUTES AND LADDERS® The Good Garden Edition, introduces learning cards and new fun rules to transform the traditional Chutes and Ladders® game into an interactive exploration of sustainable agriculture for students from Grades 1 - 8. Players take on the role of small farmers moving from hunger to having enough. In the game, each player’s marker represents a subsistence farmer trying to go from hunger to having enough. The farmer’s “ladders” toward food security include gaining land rights, crop insurance, agricultural training, fair loans and better seeds or a farm animal. Meanwhile, the farmer’s ”chutes,” which can set back hard won gains, include drought, soil erosion, insect infestation, insufficient credit and loss of land.

The game is designed to be used with The Good Garden: How One Family Went from Hunger to Having Enough, and with free lesson plans, videos and other resources available on to teach children about food security and sustainable agriculture. The program also empowers kids to make a difference through a food drive, school or community garden or other food related initiative.

Applications will open in October and selected educators will receive free games (excluding shipping and handling) and be required to share what their students have learned and how they made-a-difference on an impact map on You can use The Good Garden game and other program resources to support your current food drive or other service-learning-project or start a new one. Only 500 will be distributed in this phase.

The more knowledge children have about the core lessons taught in the Good Garden Enrichment Program the more fun they will have playing the game and learning the real plight of those facing food insecurity. Explore for videos, lessons and service learning projects.

To Order The Good Garden Book:

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Registration starts Oct. 1, 2011
for FREE Chutes and Ladders® game!
While supplies last
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