The Good Garden program provides resources that introduce children to the concept of food security and what they can do about the global food crisis. The program includes: a book, which introduces the concepts in a fun, easy to understand format; this website, which provides interactive learning tools, teaching modules and a video that you can integrate into regular school time or as structured curriculum for after-school, club or summer enrichment programs.

How to Get Started

  • Use the book The Good Garden: How One Family Went from Hunger to Having Enough by Katie Smith Milway, to introduce the concept of food security to children.

  • Inspire kids with the video of the real Maria whose life the book is based on.

  • Get children to Meet Real People and learn from inspiring stories from around the globe.

  • Integrate lesson plans and activities in your teaching.

  • Enlist your children to take action by launching a Good Garden Food Drive to help others go from hunger to having enough.