The Duartes are based on a real family living in the hills of Honduras. They and their neighbors are facing a problem that is common in developing countries. In these countries, 75 percent of the poor are farmers who struggle to grow enough food to feed themselves and to make extra money for needs such as health care, education and clean water.

The experts say that people who do have enough food for these goals are “food secure.” The Duartes and their neighbors, as well as some 2 billion others around the world, including some people in your country, are not food secure. About half — mainly women and girls — often do not have enough to eat, and 18 million, mostly children, die each year from insufficient food. When you hear about a food crisis, it means too little food to go around at prices people can afford. What can you do to help? Each of us can help to improve food security in our neighborhoods and elsewhere in the world.

Learn more about land rights, substainable agriculture and Honduras here and then explore what you can do to help on the Make a Difference tab.